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Saturday Snapshot 055

For the past week and a half, my dad has been helping me around the house, finishing up little things and accomplishing those “house goals” that I refuse to write down because I’m trying to enjoy myself and be less type-A this summer. This is particularly nice of him because I break things a lot (like, I broke my storm door today by stepping on the bottom of it), and I’m generally not very handy, so I’m not much help. Also, today is his birthday, so he’s a real trooper for putting the finishing touches on the jewelry project by my vanity this evening.

Here’s a glance at what I’ve been doing.

The shoe closet my dad built for me, as a part of my birthday present:
Photo Jul 11, 5 50 04 PM

Then there’s the project that I worked on, that he just helped me hang: my jewelry station. I ordered a sweet necklace carousel from Etsy and mounted it for my way-too-many necklaces collection.

Photo Jul 14, 10 57 11 PM

Then I had my dad mount a gift I received a while ago and wanted to repurpose for my non-cuff bracelets. I didn’t take a separate picture, but you’ll see the key-shaped key holder in the photos. It’s pretty cute. Next, I decided that in order to hold both my cuff bracelets and my stud earrings, I needed to make use of my many, many wine corks laying around my house. There are many ways to do this, I used an IKEA spice rack that I’d already decided to repurpose as a hand towel rack, a hot glue gun, and the prettiest/most unique wine corks in my family’s collection.

Photo Jul 14, 10 11 11 PM

Sidenote: I went to Mizzou, so the first one I glued down had to be this one (it’s glued bird-side up on the far left):

Photo Jul 14, 10 00 53 PM

Then, I used my most stable post earrings to poke holes where I wanted them, and viola! A shelf that holds my random post-style earring collection and makes sure my beautiful bracelets don’t slide off.

Photo Jul 18, 9 50 25 PM

Finally, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go with metal or burlap or lace or what for my dangly earrings, but I decided to just experiment with (again) hot glue and the stuff I already had lying around the house, and it turned out pretty cute.

Photo Jul 18, 9 49 59 PMThere you have it, folks, my new jewelry area, completely complete.

Photo Jul 18, 9 49 36 PM

Now on to the next project!

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Weekend Update – (Sunday Serenade 151 & Saturday Snapshot 054)

This weekend, I was roadtripping it to Port Aransas for a fantastic friend’s beach wedding, so I didn’t have a ton of time to post.


Therefore, I’ve decided to combine all the stuff I normally do – because I have it! And it’s all so cute. Forgive the unedited-ness of these photos. I’ll fix them before I print them.

First, I should note that when I road trip, I really road trip. Hil and I documented our trip in real time on social media for the most part, but we did not, somehow, post our photos with the world’s largest pecan.

Photo Jun 27, 9 24 19 AM Photo Jun 27, 9 23 59 AM

Eventually, after many ridiculous stops, we made it to the ocean.

Photo Jun 27, 4 01 18 PM

We swam, we ate, and then I showed up just in time to catch some choice shots of the bride getting ready. Moms always get the best action-shot jobs – corset tying, garter sliding, and necklace clasping.

Photo Jun 27, 6 00 34 PM Photo Jun 27, 5 59 07 PM

FYI – when you get married on the beach, your chariot is a golf cart thingy. And you get a seat to yourself. Because you’re a princess.

Photo Jun 27, 6 21 33 PM

I’m not so much a ceremony-photo-taker, I prefer to experience it. BUT, I always find a few cute moments at the reception, and there are a lot to choose from for this adorable couple.

Photo Jun 27, 8 11 52 PMPhoto Jun 27, 9 08 01 PMPhoto Jun 27, 9 06 56 PM
Photo Jun 27, 9 08 26 PM
Photo Jun 27, 9 08 56 PM

After all the feels, it’s time for a little music. The Sunday Serenade, in honor of the song that got more people on the dance floor than the Cupid Shuffle, is We Are Family. (I love when they do this at weddings.)

Photo Jun 27, 9 02 19 PM

That was only everyone who was out there right before they pulled me in, too.

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Saturday Snapshot 053

It’s summer, but for some reason, I’m busier and more stressed than I am during the normal year. So. Go figure.

In any case, I made some time to celebrate Father’s Day yesterday and do a little resale shopping today, which resulted in some delightful photos.

First, the most WTF photo of the week.

Photo Jun 19, 3 16 39 PMLewisville, man. I don’t know. Then, we went on a pretty sweet distillery tour. My main question? Does this guy really run a distillery, wear overalls, and have a dragon tattoo? Like, is this real life?

Photo Jun 19, 4 54 26 PMNext, some snuggle time. Because puppies are the best.

Photo Jun 19, 10 03 22 PM

Then today, I bought what shall henceforth be referred to as my personal Holy Grail. I bought other things, too, but they’re slightly more normal.

Photo Jun 20, 6 31 58 PMFinally, I attempted to be a responsible homeowner and mow the lawn…the lawnmower attempted to die on me at this stage:

Photo Jun 20, 7 59 34 PM

…but I’ve seen Galaxy QuestNever give up! Never surrender! (anyone? no? okay.) – so I ended up beating the machine into submission and finishing it, after I took Tigerlily for a run. One of us is still cute after an intense 20-minute run around the neighborhood.

Photo Jun 20, 8 20 21 PM Photo Jun 20, 8 00 00 PM

Happy Father’s Day, y’all!

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Saturday Snapshot 052

I’ve been falling down on the photo job, because I’m sooooooo exhausted lately. Even my dogs are tired and they just nap all day.

Photo Jun 04, 4 44 09 PM

I could give it up, but I’m not going to. I’m just going to be less type-A about it.

It’s a struggle.

Anyway, it’s the end of the year, so I have some traditional end of the year photos for you this week.

Today, we celebrated one of the best teachers I had the privilege to both learn from and work with, who taught me a lot more about having high expectations for your students and inspiring them to do their best than how to become a famous singer (that’s okay, because it was never a goal of mine anyway).

Photo Jun 06, 2 07 11 PM Photo Jun 06, 3 27 38 PM

But before that, I bought a selfie stick.

Oh yes.

But I bought it in order to take photos with my (much larger) classes at the end of the year. Not that I play favorites, but…here are my two favorite classes, which – by the way – are night and day behavior-wise, though incredibly similar in academic performance. It boggles the mind, but I love them anyway.

Photo Jun 02, 3 30 18 PM (2) Photo Jun 03, 11 32 47 AM (1)

We’re almost there, MISD! Congrats to all you teachers who are already finished – pray for us on Monday!

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Saturday Snapshot 051

I’ve gotten, on average, approximately 4.5 hours of sleep a night for the past week. Haven’t really taken time for myself, and today was no exception, although at least all of my projects were beneficial to my house, even if I rushed into them head-on to get the place ready for Mother’s Day brunch tomorrow.

Here’s what I’ve done to my house the past few weeks…and any other updates can damn well wait until the summer…when I’ll at least have one extra day off a week. #summerschoolhours

Let me start with the find that I glossed over recently – these sweet salmon chairs to go with my new/old table in my soon-to-be-retro kitchen.

Photo May 09, 9 20 22 PM

My bathroom remodel also forced me to clean out my toss-everything-in-it closet, so  went ahead and put some storage solutions in there.

Photo May 09, 5 04 03 PM

This includes the ever-popular Pinterest hack of using IKEA spice racks to hold nail polish and other beauty items.

Photo May 09, 5 03 49 PM Photo May 09, 5 03 40 PM

I also pulled another IKEA hack with those grocery sack holder thingys. This is a much better use (for me, at least).

Photo May 09, 4 56 43 PM

Most notably, of course, is the fact that I actually managed to put up my porthole sliding door, so I can pee and shower in privacy.

Photo May 09, 4 57 41 PM

Photo May 09, 4 58 11 PM

Photo May 09, 5 01 23 PM

I also applied the most amazing and appropriate bathroom labels ever to the IKEA cart I bought to use in the bathroom.

Photo May 09, 4 59 20 PM

Overall, my bathroom is pretty boss.

Photo May 09, 4 59 34 PM

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Saturday Snapshot 50

This week has been an interesting week. That’s all I’m going to say on the subject. So here are some photos.

While looking for the perfect light fixture, I found the perfect chairs (with the exception of the price tag).
Photo Apr 19, 2 59 51 PM

Then there was the moment I realized that not only is Tigerlily learning to cuddle from Skeeter, he’s learning to be a Stretch Armstrong from her.

Photo Apr 23, 6 05 06 PM

And when I drank wine out of a bunny…excitedly…

Photo Apr 24, 4 41 26 PM

…and then this morning, when I questioned science after finding this perfect baby snail in his perfect baby shell outside my house.

Photo Apr 25, 1 22 42 PM


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Saturday Snapshot 49

This week, I’ve been more than a little bit displaced while my bathroom (in my one-bathroom house) underwent a rather serious remodel. I thought it would take 7-10 business days, but here we are at 5 and it’s almost completely done (at least their part is. I still have to add the door and the crown molding.

Let me remind you what it looked like before….


Right. Old old old and sad. Not me at all.

On Monday, they started the demo and inside-the-wall work.

nwFx3kZwamqA3Z3mZ90BELE4VjnvoB3L4r0EHNYHKTU r-IDZWPaKuEwo38qcd3SRMIgclijdo--3t7BD9wozWg AE1aHlrSOz0LkKokhWbnKbww3AQIiEZEJCnzFqKSmWU

Sometime around mid-week, it started looking like this…

qLsvh0HwEFTXwsZAsUzgSJiALEBkFjYNL4UaGW-px00 FLZjlpf6E5Bo4ESd8OrLeWLbl_pUSCgUgC7qfKnxieY

The dogs and I amused ourselves at the ‘rents house by snuggling and being ourselves.


“You’ve got some schmutz on your face.”



And now, on Saturday evening, it looks like this:




I can’t wait to test it out and finish it up. I’m such a little girl at heart, and I love my fancy bathroom.