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29 priceless possessions

Let’s be real: my life has been a little bit off the rails as of late, and I’ve been a little bitter. And I tried to excise the bitterness by letting it all out…but…it’s probably impossible at this point. So to refocus, for myself, I’m writing about some good things in my life.

29. My autographed Cash Cab tee Buzzed-Erin may have embarrassed herself to get this autographed, but it was a good choice anyway.


28. Cake Y’all, I’m not sure that anyone truly understands how much I love cake. But I do.

27. Mirrors You never truly understand how important a mirror is until you spend 2 weeks without one.

26. Piano It’s rare that I actually sit down and play my old piano these days, but the choice to do it when I simply need to is vital in my life.

25. Tapestry For years, this thing didn’t fit the rest of my style – and it still doesn’t, but it does fit the fairytale-themed guest room in my house.

Photo Oct 29, 7 05 53 PM.jpg

24. My grandfather’s hat Sentimental, sure. Does it fit my head? Not at all. But I do love it.

23. Humor & wit One of the traits that my students love about me is also one of the things I love about myself.

22. An eye for unique style and taste One thing I don’t get is how other people decorate their homes. Like, did you look at a magazine and just model your whole house after what you liked best? (Yes, apparently, some people do that.) I love that everything I buy is unique – or at least put together in a unique way. Not everyone can do that.

21. Love of reading Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book. – Anonymous


20. Sewing machine desk Was it legitimately inherited? Yes. Does it make me a hipster? Yes. Do I care? A little.

19. Health Somethings you can’t buy with money or obtain no matter what lengths you go to – and overall health is one of them. I’m thankful for every disease I don’t have.

18. Music It is the food of the soul.

17. Opportunity to impact change I love this part of my job. But the truth is, we all are given this opportunity in the US and how many of us use it?


16. Respect Not only is respect earned, but it’s often not given even when you do earn it. So I treasure having it from those I do.

15. Memories Important, but they fade.


14. Compliments I’m terrible at accepting them, and they make me uncomfortable, but the world would be a much meaner place without them.

13. International art collections An example of true cultural exchange in my living room. Pardon the fact that my summer travel spoils have yet to be framed and placed.

Photo Oct 29, 5 51 57 PM.jpg

12. Intelligence Not everyone has it, and though it often makes life more difficult, I’m thankful that I was graced with it.

11. Photographs There was a time in my life that I didn’t take enough, and so I cherish my photos now, rather than whine about the #selfie culture.

10. Mental health Somethings you can’t buy with money or obtain no matter what lengths you go to – and overall health is one of them. I’m thankful for every disease I don’t have.

9. Tattoos Yes, these rank above my general health, because when I’m dying or desperately ill, or even dead…my tattoos will still be there. #stayingpower


8. Friendships My biggest dream in life was to have friends who become family – not just because I loved the TV show growing up, but because having a family of friends means that they chose me, not that they were stuck with me, and I’m so thankful and humbled that I have one.


7. Degrees/diplomas Generally representative of education, these also mark times when I was successful (no, I don’t have the one from this year up yet).



6. Self-confidence Some people are born with it. I was not. I faked it most of my life, and worked hard to actually create it the rest…and it’s not always as strong as I’d like. But having it is worth the work, because it makes a world of difference.


5. Imagination/creativity This, however, is something that I was born with. And it’s such a huge part of who I am that I don’t know who I would be without it.

2-4. Dorrie, Skeeter, and Tigerlily My precious babies.


1. Oatmeal My stuffed dog is the real MVP, y’all. I mean really. He has been my constant source of comfort and companionship my entire life – even when I realized all those imaginary friends were fake. Oatmeal listens and commiserates, even after all this time. (Always.)

Photo Oct 29, 5 51 57 PM.jpg



We seek to learn, and when academics do not present the answers, we look inside our own beautiful imaginations for the key.

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