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12 Books of Christmas Break: Circus Mirandus

“It’s important, when you first see magic, to recognize it. You don’t often get a second chance.” – Circus Mirandus, pg. 34.

Title: Circus Mirandus
Author: Cassie Beasley
Genre: Juvenile fiction
Erin’s teaser synopsis: Magic is very real to Micah Tuttle, thanks to stories his Grandpa Ephraim tells him of the Circus Mirandus from when he was a boy. This is lucky, since it seems like the only thing that could save Grandpa Ephraim now is a miracle. Essentially, this story is the kid-version of Big Fish, and the moment I realized that (without even reading it on a review, folks), I knew it was for me. There’s family and magic and a circus and all sorts of wonderful other business.
Why I relate to it: In many ways, this book speaks to my childhood. I always swore two things as a kid: One: That I would never underestimate the intelligence of children or treat children as my intellectual inferior the way that so infuriated me during my adolescence. Two: I would never give up on believing in the beauty of imagination. In many ways, believing in the power of imagination is similar to believing in the power of magic.
Judgement call: I have to admit that there are many books on my shelves that have made me cry. However, there are few books for children that have the distinction of making me cry multiple times from how beautifully true they are (Velveteen Rabbit doesn’t count, I still think I have PTSD from that damn thing), and how much they make me miss my own childhood in ways I could never have predicted. In short, I loved it. It took me back to how I once felt reading Roald Dahl, and that’s something very few authors have ever managed to do.

Yes, you can check it out at the library. Or you can go ahead and buy it at Amazon. If you’re anti-amazon, though, you can also visit the author’s website to find other sellers.



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