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12 Books of Christmas Break: The Missing Piece

“It was missing a piece. And it was not happy.”
The Missing Piece, opening lines.

I love Shel Silverstein. Always have, always will. But I have to be completely honest and admit that my love for him is incomplete, because I haven’t read all the books he’s written, though this one brings me a step closer.
Title: The Missing Piece
Author: Shel Silverstein
Genre: Children’s books
Erin’s teaser synopsis: That circle over there on the left? It’s missing a piece and it’s looking for the rest of itself through this pretty epic journey (some may call that journey life).
Why I relate to it: I firmly believe that part of “becoming an adult” is that you realize that you’re not exactly that whole person you always pictured you’d be once you grew up and you know that you need to search for what will make you complete. So missing a part and looking for it? We all get that. (Hence why Jerry Maguire is considered so desperately romantic despite the fact that it’s a terrible film.)
Judgement call: I’m sure that you could all guess that I thought it was adorable and meaningful and all sorts of things. But I can’t tell you what actually made me cry a little without dropping a huge spoiler, so I’ll just say that sometimes, despite being their champion, children’s books can still surprise me with how deep they dig and how much they can heal something that you didn’t even realize was broken. 🙂

I mean, yeah, it’s at the library, but I’d just go ahead and order it at Amazon. Save yourself the trouble of a due date.



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