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12 Books of Christmas Break: Jackaby

“Following the curious encounter, I asked the barman if he knew anything about the stranger. The man chuckled and rolled his eyes. ‘I’ve heard lots of things, and one or two of them might even be true. Just about everyone’s got a story about that one.’” – Jackaby, pg. 8

Okay, yes, technically I’m back at work, but not back to school – I still have a week and a half or so. But my job has, admittedly, slowed down my reading progress. Still, I managed to get a few in this week (even if they WERE mainly for non-adults).

Title: Jackaby
Author: William Ritter
Genre: Young Adult fiction
Erin’s teaser synopsis: When Abby arrives in the US and begins to search for a job, she runs into your typical creeper at a restaurant (okay, a bar) and eventually this guy turns out to be her soon-to-be mystical employer. The critics describe the character as “the Doctor meets Sherlock Holmes” but I see it a lot more as “Harry Potter meets Sherlock Holmes” with a lot weaker plot.
Why I relate to it: I actually kind of don’t…relate to it, that is. I mean, we could stretch and say that I liked the main character, Abby, and her gumption that allowed her to pursue independence. But I’m a grown up who found her rebellion just a touch foolhardy to my mind.
Judgement call: It was interesting, actually. I really liked the detective character (Jackaby himself) and I enjoyed the fact that the main character, from whose perspective you view the story, is a normal person. Surprising ending? Not really. I pretty much pegged all of the three big “reveals,” but what the story lacked in plot, it made up for in character development. Hazard of being an avid reader and writer, I suppose.

Looking for a new, off-kilter detective that’s just a little bit magic? Pick this one (or the sequel) up at your library, or at Amazon.



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