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Saturday Snapshot 49

This week, I’ve been more than a little bit displaced while my bathroom (in my one-bathroom house) underwent a rather serious remodel. I thought it would take 7-10 business days, but here we are at 5 and it’s almost completely done (at least their part is. I still have to add the door and the crown molding.

Let me remind you what it looked like before….


Right. Old old old and sad. Not me at all.

On Monday, they started the demo and inside-the-wall work.

nwFx3kZwamqA3Z3mZ90BELE4VjnvoB3L4r0EHNYHKTU r-IDZWPaKuEwo38qcd3SRMIgclijdo--3t7BD9wozWg AE1aHlrSOz0LkKokhWbnKbww3AQIiEZEJCnzFqKSmWU

Sometime around mid-week, it started looking like this…

qLsvh0HwEFTXwsZAsUzgSJiALEBkFjYNL4UaGW-px00 FLZjlpf6E5Bo4ESd8OrLeWLbl_pUSCgUgC7qfKnxieY

The dogs and I amused ourselves at the ‘rents house by snuggling and being ourselves.


“You’ve got some schmutz on your face.”



And now, on Saturday evening, it looks like this:




I can’t wait to test it out and finish it up. I’m such a little girl at heart, and I love my fancy bathroom.



We seek to learn, and when academics do not present the answers, we look inside our own beautiful imaginations for the key.

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