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Goldilocks had a good week.

Here’s the thing about life: sometimes it’s too much, and sometimes it’s too little, and sometimes it’s just right. We’re all secretly Goldilocks trying to find the right fit.

For my last week of teaching without also being a student this semester, it seems that it’s been just right. Which is miraculous, because most weeks, I’m like this:


I’ve had one of those weeks that proves I’m in the right place. While it felt like forever, when I looked back on the past five days this evening, I realized that I seem to be the kind of teacher who should be a teacher. At least, right now anyway.

Here’s my evidence:

  • I’m two weeks ahead on my lesson planning.
  • When one of my kids called from ISS to ask a question about the work, she said, “Are you sure you can’t come visit me? I understand things a lot better when you explain them with your pictures and hand motions.”
  • Two of my (older) coworkers told me they wanted to be like me when they grow up.
  • The checkpoint wasn’t awful…and actually I have quite a few things to celebrate in reference.


  • This morning, the Sonic girl told me I look happier this year.
  • My kiddos informed me that my scarf is famous on Snapchat. #thanks2B
  • This is the same scarf that caused me to use “diaphanous” multiple times this week in front of people who weren’t aware of its definition.
  • Then I started using larger vocabulary in the classroom on purpose. The students used dictionaries and bemoaned my word choice (including ‘bemoan’) good-naturedly. Plus, I mean, I got to haul out my fave phrases.


  • I managed to make two parents laugh on not-so-pleasant phone calls home.
  • I won/earned a free jeans pass for Friday.
  • One of my students requested that I try to explain, again, why it was bad for them to call people gay. They still don’t get it, but it’s more than I expect that they keep trying to get it.
  • I told one of my classes that they were “better than this” and that’s why I’m so mad at them for goofing off and generally choosing to fail. (Yes, that’s it. Sometimes speaking the truth is a victory.)
  • When I said that I was going to “date myself” as I wrote my global example on the board (It was Boys Meets World, for the record),  one of my students said, “Well, I mean, if that’s what you want to do, then I’ll support it.”


  • One of my students wrote an entire essay rough draft with a pencil taped to a softball bat. It was legible. It made sense. It was also the first full paper he’s turned in all year.
  • I remembered my lunch every day.
  • I actually managed to be moderately social around my coworkers both at and after work.
  • At the end of the day today, after the bell rang, four of my students were still hanging out and chatting with me while I pulled up a baby registry online. They thought I was making one for myself. Their reactions were appropriately horrified, then relieved after I corrected their false assumption.

And, for the record, if you don’t get how that list adds up to me being rocking awesome at my job…you shouldn’t be a teacher. At least, you shouldn’t be a high school teacher, anyway.

Good thing I’m one so you don’t have to be.




We seek to learn, and when academics do not present the answers, we look inside our own beautiful imaginations for the key.

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