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12 Books of Christmas Break: Chopsticks

For the new year, I decided to read a book in a format that I’ve never seen before – I’m not even 100% sure what to call it. Graphic novel signifies a whole different category of books, but it’s not a normal novel…maybe a scrapbook novel? Not sure. Read it and help me decide.

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Title: Chopsticks
Author: Jessica Anthony and Rodrigo Corral
Genre: Fiction – Young Adult
Erin’s teaser synopsis: Opening this book is kind of like stepping into someone’s life. Or a slideshow of their life. It’s essentially a pictorial narrative about the love between a young piano prodigy and a newly immigrated Argentinian boy. Yes, there are some words, but not that many, and mostly on scraps, etc.
Why I relate to it: I’m down for any new and interesting twist on the traditional story, and this is a new and interesting twist on both a wordless book (like Sector 7) and a graphic novel. Plus, the whole immigrant/ESL thing and the boy being from Argentina gave me a closer relationship to the narrative, as well.
Judgement call: I loved the book. It has the potential to be a quick or a long read, depending on how attentive you are to detail. In my case, I’d say I was more attentive than most and I went back afterward to make sure that I got all the little bits correct, but you can definitely breeze through it in no time if you want.

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If you’re local to the Mesquite area, it’s available at the library, or you can (as always) buy it on Amazon.



We seek to learn, and when academics do not present the answers, we look inside our own beautiful imaginations for the key.

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