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12 Books of Christmas Break: The Long Night of Leo and Bree

Once again, I read a short book – just past novella size. But apparently, the past few days have simply been an exercise in proving that size doesn’t matter (make your jokes now, please).

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 1.17.31 AM

Title: The Long Night of Leo and Bree
Author: Ellen Wittlinger
Genre: Fiction – Young Adult
Erin’s teaser synopsis: On the anniversary of his sister’s death, Leo goes a little bit crazy. Not as crazy as his still-grief stricken mother, but crazy enough. Which is why his meeting Bree doesn’t exactly go well. That’s a major understatement. Readers find, in this fast-paced night of crazy, that if we take the time to connect, everything can make sense to us. Even the craziest parts.
Why I relate to it: I teach high school, which is full of drama. And honestly, I kind of understand Bree a little bit. She’s very much like I was (enough, but not too much) in high school, so there’s a bit of a connection there. Plus, I can actually recommend it to my overly studious kids as extra reading to fit along with our upcoming novel study.
Judgement call: It’s a rough ride, but a quick one, so I think that people who need to remember that we are all connected somehow, and that circumstances do, in fact, sometimes take our future out of our own hands would benefit from a read.

This book is mostly out of print, actually, but you can download it for your Kindle or buy it used here.



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