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12 Books of Christmas Break: The Luckiest One of All

“There are so many things I’d much rather be…”

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Title: The Luckiest One of All
Author: Bill Peet
Genre: Fiction – Children’s
Erin’s teaser synopsis: One of Bill Peet’s more neglected works, this book is essentially one long “the grass is aways greener” example. It starts with a little boy who is dissatisfied with his life and carries through various other nouns that are also dissatisfied with theirs, ultimately making a full circle.
Why I relate to it: I have known for quite some time the genius who was Bill Peet, at least through his books, but I had never read this particular one until today. My favorite children’s book, hands down, is The Wump World, and I’m still trying to figure out where to get a wump tattoo (eventually). So you know that anything Bill Peet, I must read. I love him to pieces, and though this work will never be quite as magical for me as the ones I read as a child, it’s still special simply because he wrote it.
Judgement call: It’s a good lesson for anyone, and one that is truly resonant for me on certain days. I think (real) adults will be over it about halfway through, but kids will like it, and it does hammer the point home.

You can find this particular Bill Peet masterpiece here, though I recommend you just buy the whole set.



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