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12 Books of Christmas Break: The Gift of the Magi

Yes, I know I said that I was going to post about The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons next, but I’m taking my time reading that one. It’s so devastatingly though-provoking that I’m having to stop in between chapters and really process it. I can’t wait to blog about it, actually.

And yes, this book is actually one that I read in some form every Christmas, but I’m counting it anyway. Just in case.

Title: The Gift of the Magi
Author: O. Henry
Genre: Short story
Erin’s teaser synopsis: There’s not much I can say about Gift of the Magi without ruining it for you, so I’ll just go with this: a young, newly married couple doesn’t have a lot of money but each wants to get the other something special for Christmas and give up something important to them in order to be able to afford it. It’s short, just go read it yourself. 😉
Why I relate to it: I’m a gifter. As many will tell you, I often overdo it. There are scary psychological reasons for the beginning of that habit, but I’m in a much nicer headspace now and have found that I still enjoy it, so I kind of let it be…as long as I do it for the right reasons. But what I love about this story is that it shows that sometimes, it’s not the gifts themselves that are important, but what you’re willing to give up to make someone else happy.
Judgement call: As I mentioned above, I read this book every Christmas, so obviously I enjoy it. In fact, when I taught middle school, I read it to my 6th grade class each year, just to make their brains start whirring.

The copy I read today has picture (because why not?) and isn’t published anymore, but there are still picture book copies on Amazon by different illustrators. Or, if you don’t need the pictures, you could read it online.



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