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The 12 Books of Christmas Break: Nobody’s Secret

As a high school teacher and a graduate school student, I haven’t had time for true pleasure reading since August. I barely managed to keep it together enough to read Landline for our MHS staff book club last month. So I decided to set myself a nearly impossible goal (definitely improbable) to read 12 books over Christmas break. And, as I’ve demonstrated, I only meet my challenges when I make them public on my blog. So, I’ll be providing a mini-review of each for my own accountability purposes, but feel free to check them out if you’re looking for a new book. The bad news: odds are that I won’t actually make it. The good news: I’m actually almost done with my second one, so at least it’s pushing me. So, here’s the low-down on the first book. Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 3.06.16 PM Stats:

Title: Nobody’s Secret
Author: Michaela MacColl
Genre: YA Historical Fiction (I’m taking liberties with that classification.)
Erin’s teaser synopsis: Emily Dickinson is a 15 year-old in this YA novel, who meets a mysterious found man in her hometown of Amherst, MA. He is, in the book, the inspiration for one of her more famous poems, as he introduces himself as “Nobody.” Before she can pursue the relationship and discover his name, however, he turns up dead under suspicious circumstances with no one to claim him and few interested in uncovering the truth behind his demise. Of course, because she’s the protagonist and a mildly heartsick teenager, Emily takes the task upon herself.
Why I relate to it: There may or may not have been a good 11 months that I flirted with a bartender whenever I patronized his place of business and attempted to guess his name for funsies. Eventually, he left the bar, and I never successfully guessed it, even if my fave waitress did tell me once he’d left. So the whole “Mr. Nobody” concept keyed in with me and made me extra sympathetic to both Emily and her potential beau. Judgement call: It was cute, and an interesting fluffy read. Just what I needed to get myself back into pleasure reading, though it lacks the intensity and suspense of mystery authors for adults. Still, the literary nerd in me enjoyed reading about an imaginary Emily Dickinson, health problems and all. Definitely worth my time. Find it here: Nobody’s Secret on Amazon Up next: The Tale of the Deuling Neurosurgeons



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