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Yesterday, in deluge of preparations for the Thanksgiving holiday, I scheduled a 9:00 am appointment to get my hair cut.

I’m a pretty simple girl when it comes to my hair. I like my color, I’m okay with my texture, and I prefer to let it air dry. I don’t do much to it outside of shampooing, conditioning, and (in the winter) the regular old blow dry. I keep my hair trims simple, too. I don’t ever follow a regular schedule, because I like it long. I also like long layers, which sometimes tempts hairstylists to give me the “Rachel” cut.


Also, I should note that in looking for this photo, I realized that I have essentially had every single one of Jennifer Aniston’s haircuts on that show. Jesus.

Anyhow…yesterday, my request was simple: just trim my long layers, and let’s add a sweeping bang. You know, because my students already think I look like Taylor Swift, so why not? Anyway, because I’m a simple lady (as mentioned before) with simple tastes and a passion for education (as well as a bargain), I always go to the Aveda Institute. Yes, I always say I want it a little longer than reality (just in case), but I’ve never had a big huge problem.

Almost two hours later, I’m finally checking out with the girl upstairs and she says, “Oh, what else did you have done?” Nothing. I had nothing done. A five-minute herbal treatment to make my hair soft. But it took this chick 35 freaking minutes to blow dry my hair, and another forever to re-style it after her instructor cut my bangs. I mean, really.


Bless that girl, apparently I was her first real customer, so I’m glad I was really nice the whole time.

The end result, however, when someone takes the better part of two hours to style your hair is some seriously overworked hair. This is what I told everyone I saw yesterday. “Yeah, it looks okay, but it’ll be nicer tomorrow because it’s really overworked right now.”

Then, at some point, while I worked on my research paper and cheered on the Tigers with the exact same desperation, I realized the truth: it’s not just my hair that’s overworked. I didn’t slow down ALL WEEK.

I haven’t blogged in two weeks, actually, because I was going to do something cute for my 300th post, but I’ve been too exhausted to think of anything I can actually execute. It’s this post, btw. Mini-celebration and go:


Aaaand stop. Continue with regularly scheduled post.

And let’s not mention pleasure reading, or getting truly ahead on lesson planning. Plus, I haven’t even started on that Christmas list my parents are asking for.

At that moment, my hair and I were as one.


It was almost enough to make me cry. But then, I remembered that I didn’t have time to cry. So I didn’t.

To sum up:  deserve my extended Thanksgiving break. And once I have part of my sanity back, I may even write a real blog post sometime. (gasp!)



We seek to learn, and when academics do not present the answers, we look inside our own beautiful imaginations for the key.

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