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Sunday Serenade #130: Single Ladies

I have this theory about how you know that a song is truly ingenious. If it’s one for the books, then it will prove to have these three things:

1. Plenty of humorous copycats
2. Staying power
3. A recognizable hook

Many of Beyonce’s songs have all three of these. But as far as I can tell, “Single Ladies” is the queen for her.

I mean, I can flash my hand when kids ask if I’m married, and they burst into song, it’s still played in clubs and on the radio, and just last week, FSU did this little number:

I’m also not even going to pretend that I don’t watch this version, too, whenever I need a pick-me-up:

…but the original is pretty grand as well.



We seek to learn, and when academics do not present the answers, we look inside our own beautiful imaginations for the key.

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