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It’s officially September, which means that my brain officially has three gears: school, pumpkin-flavored delicacies, and football.

Now, if these three gears were simple, and you just shifted right on into them without any other choices, we wouldn’t have any problem at all. However, nothing in my life is easy, so we’re talking more like those bicycle gears that I never understood, even once I figured out how to balance without training wheels (don’t ask how long that took, just assume the worst). Like, on one handlebar, there are three gears to choose from, but then on the other handlebar, you can shift between multiple gears within the original gear. And if you mix them up, just forget about it – you ruined pleasant riding until you magically discovered a way to undo it. So it was ruined forever.

That’s too many variables. And unfortunately, that’s currently what my life is like. I’m kicked into overdrive 24/7.

I could type it all out and explain them separately and bemoan my poor choices, but instead I’ll just give you a pictorial representation.

Photo Sep 04, 7 38 51 PM

Yep. There are all of my options. So far, in the first four days of September, I’ve managed to at least sample each of the gears, if not jump totally into them head-first.

First, as I wrapped up August, there was Mizzou’s win over South Dakota State…

Photo cred: Ben Walton - click for story
Photo cred: Ben Walton – click for story

…which I really needed, because my two fave pre-season Mizzou alums didn’t make their rosters. Wailing happened, but I kept the faith, and as we’ve seen in recent news, it all worked out.

Photo credit to Rich Schulz/GettyImages - click to link to story.
Photo credit to Rich Schulz/GettyImages – click to link to story.
Via Michael Sam’s facebook page

Then, Monday, I was like, “Oh. I have…a job. Perhaps I should get my shit together for that.

So I did. I condensed the bejeezus out of the most depressing story ever, aka “The Scarlet Ibis,” and briefed myself on what was coming up for the next few weeks so that I’d be prepared for common planning. Plus the grading I did to prove to students that they’re not actually taking care of business and we’re only in the second week.

Tuesday came, and I managed to survive my job for the not-Monday-but-it’s-totally-Monday start to the week. Never an easy task.

Then, because I made the mistake of being seen during my commute (that’s a whole other post, and when I do it, it will be glorious), my students informed me that I had no excuse not to come to the home game this week. So I did.


They won 34 to 0, so I’m sure all the SMU fans can feel GHS’s pain. (Womp womp.)

BUT, let’s not forget that extra school gear of grad school. Did I take Drucker’s Post-Capitalism Society to the game with me? Yes. Took notes, too. The parents were suitably impressed with my dedication to both their students and my own development.

Then it was Thursday, and I was all like, what? Thursday?

But hey – all my sweet new multi-shaded, maroon-colored clothing came in from Twice. I would have loved to see the person packing this up and answered her questions about the monotone order.

Photo Sep 04, 6 42 43 PM


Clearly, what my day needed was pumpkin, so I went ahead and made a no-bake low-cal pumpkin pie (it’s too damn hot to actually bake), which I will enjoy shortly.

Photo Sep 04, 7 23 45 PM

What will I do this weekend? I predict that I’ll grab a non-fat pumpkin spice latte to help me power through writing my required discussion board posts at least a week ahead of time and take a study break to watch Dave Franco be awesome. Hell, let’s watch Dave Franco be awesome right freaking now.

Love, Texas



We seek to learn, and when academics do not present the answers, we look inside our own beautiful imaginations for the key.

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