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Real friendship is a pilgrimage. (SC #6)

Anita Brookner once said that “real love is a pilgrimage.”

You know what, guys? So is friendship.

I’ve never fully appreciated this idea as much as I do today.

Last weekend, I flew up to Kansas City to see Sir Chaco of Ward Pkwy and his humans, Seth & Sarah.


We had a lovely time jaunting around Kansas City…

photo 1

photo 5


photo 3


photo 4

…(can you find my teensy initials on the chalkboard wall?)…

…and just hanging out in their adorable new abode. They’re always fantastic hosts, mainly because you can tell how much they love having the people that they love in their home. That’s one thing that I share with them, actually. And this trip to see them was exactly what I needed.

Those two, man. They’re the best kind of friends.

If you had told Freshman-Me, on Sundays (which were, by the way, nail-painting and Grey’s Anatomy nights in our suite) I would be good-naturedly arguing with my suite mate’s hubby over the World Cup Final nine years later, I would have said, “Yeah, okay.” and given you the oddest look. Because, as both of us know, Sarah and I have just as many differences as we do similarities. So it should be a long shot that we stay in touch for this length of time and distance, right?

But. One similarity trumps everything else: the value we place in friendship and each other. Plus a little bit of Mizzou magic.

Sometimes, when your life is moving forward super-fast, you find yourself needing just one moment to look back. I’m lucky enough to have a friend willing to indulge me on that mini-journey.

photo 1

And what I discovered is that in a way, CoMo itself is an old friend. I had forgotten what it felt like to simply take exit 126 off I-70. It felt like coming home, and I hope that it always will. Because isn’t that what it always feels like, seeing a friend after a long time? (Answer: Yes, it does.)

And though your friend may change over the years, the mutual loyalty and shared memories shouldn’t.

I present to you, without comment, photographic documentation of Sarah & I on our mini-pilgrimage to our old friend Columbia, Mo.

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 1

photo 2


photo 4


photo 2



photo 4



So much love to both of my old friends (and both slightly newer ones). Thanks for an amazing trip! xoxo

Summer 2014 Challenges

10. Get together with my teacher friends 2 or more times. Be girly if possible.
9. Re-read three (two left!) classic-faves of mine. Titles TBD.
8. Go dancing. Just once. You’re not too old.
7. Have the tough conversations that I’ve been putting off. If not now, when?
6. Visit at least one college friend.
5. Take at least one road trip to somewhere new – just to drive it!
4. Read an new book start-to-finish AND watch the movie adaptation in the same day.
3. Powder room mini-renovations (it’s complex but not difficult).
2. Paint the tile on the floor of my guest room to make it truly magical.
1.  Do something for myself every single Friday (that’s 3 of them) while I’m teaching summer school.

**Bonus challenge: When I finish summer school, do something outrageous and possibly irresponsible in some fashion to celebrate.




We seek to learn, and when academics do not present the answers, we look inside our own beautiful imaginations for the key.

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