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Outrageously Purple (SC *bonus*)

I’m getting pretty darn close to being halfway through my Summer Challenges list, which is good, because the summer is basically halfway over.

Today, I completed summer school teaching (hooray!) and in celebration, I decided to go ahead and hit the bonus challenge by doing something outrageous – at least for me. I dyed the tips of my hair a shade called “Ultra Violet.”

photo 2

I think it’s too fun.

And I have to thank my friend Nichole for being my excellent stylist this afternoon. First using the lightening kit to bleach my hair…which I thought made me look like Starfox.


Right? No? Well, okay. maybe I’ve jet been playing the old N64 too much. In any case, Nichole bleached my hair out perfectly and then brushed on the purple in a fancy-blendy way.

photo 3

It looks awesome! How have I not done this before? For those of you wanting some temporary color as well, I used Manic Panic’s Lightening kit and Ultra Violet vegan hair color cream. So far so good, but remember it’s temporary, though seeing it makes me wish it was more permanent.

Trixie, my mother’s dog, is not exactly as enthused as I am with this new development. Nor did she accept my offer of the extra dye to change her look.

photo 4

There’s a chance it will wash out in a week, and a chance that I’ll have to cut it out before school starts in 4 weeks. I’m okay with this kind of uncertainty, believe it or not. Now on to the next one!

What’s left? 

Summer 2014 Challenges

10. Get together with my teacher friends 2 or more times. Be girly if possible.
9. Re-read three classic-faves of mine. Titles TBD.
8. Go dancing. Just once. You’re not too old.
7. Have the tough conversations that I’ve been putting off. If not now, when?
6. Visit at least one college friend.
5. Take at least one road trip to somewhere new – just to drive it!
4. Read an new book start-to-finish AND watch the movie adaptation in the same day.
3. Powder room mini-renovations (it’s complex but not difficult).
2. Paint the tile on the floor of my guest room to make it truly magical.
1.  Do something for myself every single Friday (that’s 3 of them) while I’m teaching summer school.

**Bonus challenge: When I finish summer school, do something outrageous and possibly irresponsible in some fashion to celebrate.

#10 is marked off because I’ve met that goal and more – but no worries, I’m all up for more hanging out and even have some scheduled in the next two weeks. And #1 was a good time – a lot of it involved pampering myself while indulging in fun slushees, and I’m totally fine with that.

Let’s get to work, people! Next up – #6!



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