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I’m sure few people noticed that I pretty much skipped out on blogging last week. Even my traditions!

I somehow let myself get caught up in a pretty strange headspace after ending the school year with mixed emotions about the students I said goodbye to, the summer ahead of me, and even my future at my current place of work. Not to mention my own personal life struggles that are as challenging as ever.

Basically, nothing’s going great in those arenas – even if my summer school partner teacher is pretty awesome – and while that doesn’t send me into a panicked spiral like it once did, it’s still quite a bit to handle. Therefore, I decided late in the week to make a list of challenges for myself this summer to give myself a purpose other than work and friendships. Stuff for me, you know?

And how better to document/keep myself accountable than to post the list and my subsequent successes on my blog?

Summer 2014 Challenges 

10. Get together with my teacher friends 2 or more times. Be girly if possible.
9. Re-read three classic-faves of mine. Titles TBD.
8. Go dancing. Just once. You’re not too old.
7. Have the tough conversations that I’ve been putting off. If not now, when?
6. Visit at least one college friend.
5. Take at least one road trip to somewhere new – just to drive it!
4. Read an new book start-to-finish AND watch the movie adaptation in the same day.
3. Powder room mini-renovations (it’s complex but not difficult).
2. Paint the tile on the floor of my guest room to make it truly magical.
1.  Do something for myself every single Friday (that’s 3 of them) while I’m teaching summer school.

**Bonus challenge: When I finish summer school, do something outrageous and possibly irresponsible in some fashion to celebrate.

It’s a lot. It may not seem like a lot, but it is, especially when I’m working half the summer – it really narrows down my availability for #6 & 5. So, I’m going to let my bro, NPH, sum up my feelings on this list.



We seek to learn, and when academics do not present the answers, we look inside our own beautiful imaginations for the key.

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