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Warning! Fools ahead.

It seems like every single day, I read the most ridiculous and common sense related warnings on the products around me.

The vending machine tells me not to tip it.

My hair dryer says not to submerge it in water.

The sushi menu warns me that eating raw fish could be hazardous.

No shit, Sherlocks. I always shake my head at humanity when I read warnings like this, because these idiotic, unnecessary warnings are there for a reason – people are STUPID. There’s always at least one person who was dumb enough to attempt dry their pet in the drying machine or taste the toilet cleaner.

Post-work today, as I was exhaustedly making die cuts after running around campus, multitasking literally all day long, I realized with a little embarrassment that I happen to be one of those people that certain warnings are made for, especially when I’m tired. This warning, actually.

Photo Mar 27, 4 19 28 PM

I know, “DANGER ZONE” seemed a little melodramatic to me at first, too. I scoffed at it. Then I didn’t.

You see…my first year teaching, I leaned forward to look at a shape in the die cut catalog and smacked myself in the face. It bruised. Today, I just tried to rest my right arm in that space and slammed it on myself.


But hey, we’re all that person at some point. At least I’m honest enough to admit it.



We seek to learn, and when academics do not present the answers, we look inside our own beautiful imaginations for the key.

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