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My 13 Fave Photos of 2013

I know, I know, it’s not Saturday. But clearly, I don’t care at all.

To celebrate 2013, I’m going to post my favorite photos that I either took or was in during 2013. If you’re my friend in real life/on Fbook, you’re probably going to be bored. Apologies.

13. When I go to New York, I always like to see the strange, other-language speaking people judging me in the background of my photos.936514_10101640732251370_1596957974_n

12. Ah, second jobs, you always provide me with a different perspective on life.556891_10101362559047700_1136440232_n

11. I love my dogs; you’ll see them all over the rest of the list. But it’s a little much to have five of them in one bed.1236121_10101682124371230_286921946_n

10. And sometimes they’re super-entertaining and adorable581082_10101482426786790_1651941730_n 946881_10101571210598320_1279894526_n

9. Then there’s the “OMG, it’s the first week of school” happy hour shot that doesn’t look like any other photo that I take at happy hours the rest of the year. I still look like my summer self.994910_10101677306161960_891618160_n

8. Oh, this one. When you give your younger sister a camera at the end of a night of bottle service, she doesn’t wait for you to pose and you get pictures like this one.44695_10101610039469950_1791065689_n

7. I look so ladylike and graceful in this photo that I like it but I’m also a little weirded out by it, because it’s totally not me.1379956_10101779492185350_843942045_n

6. I just like this photo.935531_10101444401459850_1462609802_n

5. State Fair with small children! I look so responsible, but I’m totally not. 946402_10202229210192250_467813064_n

4. This one looks more natural than the #5 and #7, right? Right.Photo Oct 26, 1 18 54 PM

3. This one never fails to cheer me up on a bad day. 625587_10101810243524420_1569668514_n

2. I’m not entirely sure why I love this photo so much, but I do. Kind of like #6, I guess. It’s just cute.179746_10101551806988310_210078658_n

1. And…yes. This one is my favorite, because that’s pretty much an accurate picture of my dogs and me.996979_10101893066666180_1524799051_n



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