Today, I have three lovely photos to post from my day of family time.

One, I have to record what I have deemed the “Siri-bump.” This past week, if you asked Siri, “Who’s your favorite college football team?” this was her reply:

Photo Oct 12, 9 47 04 PM

My baby Tigers played and handily defeated the No. 7 ranked team, which I believe is due in part to our extra cheering from iPhones worldwide.

Two, Dad and I relaxed/celebrated a day of wins from the family teams (Mizzou, Tech, Baylor) with dinner at the Flying Saucer, which was miraculously peaceful and delicious.

Photo Oct 12, 7 02 55 PM

Three, I wasted more of his time by convincing him to edit a few of the photos from my puppy-photo shoot a couple of weeks ago so that I could use them in the calendar I make for the gmas every holiday season. There were so many good ones! Here’s my personal fave of the four we edited, and that I (surprisingly) didn’t actually put on the calendar. I think we look precious.


Happy weekend, y’all!


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We seek to learn, and when academics do not present the answers, we look inside our own beautiful imaginations for the key.

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