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Saturday Snapshot 001

A bit late posting this, I know, but such is life.

I HAD to wait, because I knew that I wanted to post photos from this evening out with my padre, who gamely tagged along as I dragged him to a concert I’ve wanted to attend for years: Aimee Mann.

I love her music, it’s brilliant, and I have to admit that it’s pretty much the only thing (aside from the occasional Beatles album) I listen to when I’m writing. Like, writing writing. Not blog writing or writing for work. Actually writing.

So – main event! Photos time!

Photo Sep 28, 7 22 25 PM

Dad and I at Single Wide, pre-concert. We also had Char Bar for dinner, if you’re familiar with lowest Greenville. Classy with a K, as our bartender referred to us.

Photo Sep 28, 8 36 47 PMAimee and Ted Leo chatting it up on stage. GOD, I hope I have the legs and the guts to wear hot pants and fishnets when I’m her age (53).

And finally, to finish it out, I give you technicolor Aimee, brought to you by my phone’s inability to take a decently balanced photo of her on stage.

Photo Sep 28, 10 38 09 PM





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