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Miraculously, I’m still alive.

List of things that I survived this week:

  • Picture Day!
  • the biggest show of unprofessionalism I’ve been the target of in 5 years
  • watching the Eagles play without my favorite former Tiger on the field
  • 8th grade panoramic
  • being told that I “have balls” as a compliment
  • the first checkpoint of the year (it’s a test, for all non-MISD employees)
  • Open House
  • start of yearbook sales
  • more than one walk-through
  • Book Fair (and I spent less than a bajillion dollars – always a struggle)
  • Aggregating data and whatnot
  • Yearbook field trip
  • Throwing down with people to get a better deal for my school (yeah, it’s secret but real)
  • End of the first grading period
  • Curriculum writing for the entire 2nd six weeks in a frigid room

In truth, lovely friends, I’m amazed at my own ability to walk at this point, let alone the fact that I managed to squeeze in my regular C25K workouts in this week as well.



We seek to learn, and when academics do not present the answers, we look inside our own beautiful imaginations for the key.

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