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Stereotypes are SO stereotypical.

Occasionally, I like to part the deepest part of my entry first. This is one of those times.

All stereotypes turn out to be true. This is a horrifying thing about life. All those things you fought against as a youth: you begin to realize they’re stereotypes because they’re true. – David Cronenberg

Go ahead and argue, c’mon, I know you want to, if for no other reason than that you don’t want to admit the Canadian director of The Fly has any kind of legit point about society.

But in any case, I was just looking for a different way to say that “all stereotypes are rooted in truth.” FOUND it.

Now that that’s over, I can move on to the entertaining portion of our blog time together: aka, how I fulfill stereotypes that I wish I didn’t. Specifically, stereotypes about people who live in Texas. I don’t fit all of them, but it’s time that I own up to the ones that I do encompass.

– My car is my most prized possession and driving is like a hobby to me. A hobby I’m good at, by the way.

– But my dogs and I love my backyard just as much.

Photo Jul 08, 6 33 06 PM

– I have familial connections to oil wells and farms.

– I think everything is better fried. Don’t argue. You know it’s true.


– I eat Mexican food like…3-5 times a week, and can’t imagine anything else. See: my reaction to the episode of Mad Men where Don’s all, “Nope, I’ve never had Mexican food.” Say whaaaaaaat?!?

– I remember the Alamo. I’ve even visited the other missions.


– I can ride a horse. And my town has a rodeo. That I grew up down the street from, coincidentally.

– I love BBQ. Almost as much as I love fried things. I eat them together sometimes.

– Football is the shit. Don’t even tell me you don’t like it.


– I know how to shoot a gun. So well, in fact, that I taught small children to shoot them at camp one summer as a counselor.

– I own cowboy boots. More than one pair. And two cowboy hats. I occasionally wear these on days that are not October 31st.

Photo Apr 10, 8 50 35 PM

– Whataburger is the king of all fast food restaurants.

– I visit the State Fair of Texas, every year. I even saw Big Tex the day before his demise!


– I know lots of people who own a truck. Need to borrow one?

– I have an outdoor fridge.

– This is what’s in it. And if you don’t understand how that makes me a stereotype…then…I guess you’re not from Texas.

Photo Jul 18, 9 40 41 PM

For years, I didn’t actually want to admit that I fit any of these criteria, but eventually I had no choice – I realized that I would be lying to myself if I didn’t. Friends, even if you don’t tell anyone, at least admit to yourself that you fit some stereotypes that you’re ashamed to own. Embrace them.



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