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Sunday Serenade #64: Bills Bills Bills

Guys. I was so tempted to post JT’s new release, even though it’s basically as equally as dirty as Blurred Lines. The difference is that no one’s going to be overwhelmed by all the naked girls because at least the song isn’t “rape-y.” Justin has the best timing.

Also, side note: after great deliberation, I feel that Blurred Lines isn’t really rape-y. I can see where one might interpret it that way, but overall, I don’t think that was the intent. Robin Thicke may have taken me in with his beautiful eyes, but I stand by my assessment. You want a rape-y song, look up Tyler by the Toadies.

Continuing on to this week’s actual entry, I went with a classic turn-of-the-millenium hit in honor of the fact that Beyonce and I have been in the same city for the past two weekends. We’re practically besties, even though I didn’t make any kind of effort to see her show here OR in Vegas.

Whatevs. We’re beyond that. Just like she’s beyond stupid boys who use her for money. Obvi, Jay-Z has plenty.



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