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All Work and No Play…

I’m one of those people who doesn’t always take care of themselves. 

That might be an understatement. Like, a major one.

I think that all good teachers, to a degree, have this problem. I mean, we’re in a profession where we’re underpaid and undervalued and constantly assaulted on multiple fronts because we truly care about making a difference in the world. Generally, that makes us good people. But some teachers know when to say “no.”

I, sadly, do not.

This inability to say no, combined with my inability to sit still, is what has landed me teaching high school acceleration this summer. There are definite pluses and minuses to the whole situation, and I have to admit that I love love LOVE seeing my kiddos that are in high school now, even though I wish they didn’t need to come to these classes.

Still, the minuses are catching up with me. How can I tell? Simple: I’ve started getting…ridiculous. I overreact to things, while at the same time in my head, I’m all: what are you doing? This isn’t that big a deal, calm the eff down.

It’s the stress. I need to go blow off steam. So, so bad. Like, a pedicure and happy hour aren’t even helping at this point.

It’s bad, people.

So I ask you: where can you go, where you can forget all your troubles and act like a total idiot?

Yep. You guessed it:


This will be my third trip out, and my sister’s first. After all, it’s her 21st bday. What whaaaaaaat?

See, I celebrated my 21st in the Bellagio with my best friend…


…and then I went back 2 years later for her wedding…


…so my next visit is overdue by a full year, folks. A YEAR. Clearly this is why I’m having issues.

This time, I’m going with new people, who have never been to Vegas, and I’m staying in a different hotel…so it’ll be like a whole new experience. My secret to enjoying Vegas? My three rules.

1. Plan the big things, like one show and one nice dinner, maybe a spa or salon visit…if you’re us, then bottle service.

2. Only gamble when you want some free drinks because your feet hurt to bad to walk to a cheap bar.

3. Indulge, indulge, indulge. 

Seriously. cut loose. Don’t count calories, make sure you bring waaaay too much money (this is easier when you’re following rule #2) so that you don’t have to count your budget, and do what feels good.

I’m not even kidding. That’s why this weekend is going to be epic. That and the fact that my bestie I’m taking with my lil sis and I are like…the best planning team ever. That’s why we made the best roommates.

Let’s just hope we don’t have one of those movie morning-after wake ups. Although, since my “indulging” this time is basically going to be me ordering so many carbs I send myself into a gluten-coma, it’s way more likely that my mornings will look like the “falling off the wagon” breakfast scene at the end of America’s Sweethearts.

You know the one. And if you don’t, I have it memorized and will perform it with little prompting when I return from the desert.

See you on the other side, friends!



We seek to learn, and when academics do not present the answers, we look inside our own beautiful imaginations for the key.

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