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Sunday Serenade #49: Same Love

Today, on a very special Sunday Serenade, I’m pleased to feature Macklemore for a second time.

This song is both incredibly similar and incredibly different from his recent out-of-the-park hit, Thrift Shop. You see, where Thrift Shop is so fucking funny that you can’t help but love it, Same Love is desperately, heartbreakingly serious. What they both are is unapologetically honest. Even to the point of being critical of their own profession.

“If I was gay, I would think hip hop hates me.”

Yeah, yeah, you would, man. I would, too. Even more than hip hop hates me for having a vagina. And that’s lame. A lot of things are lame right now, and I can’t wait for it to be 25 years in the future, when most people will look back and say “Man. I can’t believe it took us so long to get through that. That’s embarrassing.” Actually, strike that. I want to be a teacher in a history classroom in 50 years, teaching about this period of time, and see the looks on my students faces when I explain to them how gay men and women were discriminated against back in 2013.

When I see the kids’ reaction to the gay rights movement as (let’s be real) the mild interest but mostly boredom and rolled eyes that I get NOW when the Civil Rights movement comes up because that’s “so old and outdated and people back then were jerks,” then I’ll be satisfied.

Honestly, I could get up on my soapbox for hours, but I won’t. I’ll just tell you the three incredibly simple reasons why I picked this song for this week.

  1. There was a situation I can’t publicly comment on that broke my heart, and it was one of those times that I’m reminded I live in Texas and unfortunately, this means that many of the people I live near and work with are fairly judgmental in God’s name. Which is a pity.
  2. I heard it played on the Edge today – quite surprised to hear it on the radio at all, and extra-surprised to hear it on the alternative rock station. 
  3. I legitimately LOVE this song, and not just for the fantastic lyrics. I think it’s a brilliant piece of music, plus it’s one that I can totally get behind the message of, unlike some other songs *coughanybloodhoundgangsongeverwritten* I may shamefully love.

Oh, and don’t bother leaving hateful comments. For realsies. I’ll just delete them, because I can. Because this is my blog. You do what you want on yours, I’ll do what I want on mine.




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