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Sunday Serenade #48: The Sweetest Thing

Did you know that Bono is from Ireland?

Fact: He is.

Did you know that today is St. Patrick’s Day?

Fact: It is.

Did you know that my first name translates directly to “Ireland” and that’s the most Irish thing about me (except my pale, pale skin and sometimes reddish hair)?

Fact: It does.

Therefore, as someone who isn’t really Irish but who sounds much more like a girl from the Emerald Isle, I love to celebrate a holiday that isn’t really that Irish but is represented as such here in America.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? That’s okay. You’re probably too day-drunk. Me, too. That’s why I wrote this on Wednesday night and not just now. Now, all I had to do was hit submit. I sincerely hope I managed that okay. Assuming I did, lemme simplify this for you.

I love St. Patrick’s Day.

I love pinching people and wearing green and drinking green things and eating bread and potatoes. GOD, I love carbs.

So, in honor of this messed up, ridiculously fabulous holiday…’s the most ridiculously famous Irish music star ever, singing the only song by him that I’ve never gotten tired of after a few listens. Also, there’s some Riverdancing. So, yeah.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



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