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Sunday Serenade #46: Suit and Tie

A couple of weeks ago, I totally blew it and forgot to do my Sunday Serenade, so I decided not to let that happen again. So yeah, I’m posting at like one am, but at least I didn’t forget!

I cannot express in words how terrifyingly excited I was when I found out, many moons ago, that we could actually expect new music from the only good guy in N’Sync. And yes, I mean that. I was a Backstreet Boys girl, but I think that even if I were face-to-face with JT and forced to admit that, he’d acknowledge that there was a lot more talent in his rivals’ group.

He’s good like that.

He’s also good like this, in a classy yet oh-so-JT-esque black and white music video. I can’t wait for Mirrors to come out…

And now, for something completely different, a large variety of bonus videos that show what he’s been doing in all these years between albums. I like to pretend that he didn’t do anything stupid like get married…because that would be really, really lame.



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