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Why I Deserve This Friday Off.

Guess what, hos?

I’m taking this Friday off of work – as a personal day. And yes, I’m allowed to do this. They’re my days. I mean, let’s be honest: sometimes, teachers need to take a personal day just to make sure that you don’t lose it on the kids when you’re over-stressed. And you always feel just a tiny bit guilty for leaving those kids that are driving you insane. But this Friday is not one of those days.

No, this Friday is a day that I deserve. And I’m making myself take it, despite some misgivings and the fact that it’s paperwork season at school.

Here’s why.


Two Mondays ago, I stumbled out of bed, turned on the shower, and went through my weekly routine of stepping on the scale, taking a deep breath and letting it out, then squinting at the numbers that come up because I’ve (once again) left my glasses in the bedroom. And on that Monday, the number staring back at me was one that I was totally not expecting to see, but the one that I had been aiming for this whole time. The number that meant that I was, for the first time since maybe second or third grade, at a healthy BMI.

Maybe it’s because I wasn’t expecting it, or because I never thought I’d actually get here (far more likely, as I rarely believe in myself), but I didn’t do anything about my little achievement.

Well, that’s not exactly true. I re-weighed myself a dozen times, shook my head in disbelief and told myself not to get excited, that it was probably just a fluke. And I waited until the next week, super-irritable for no apparent reason, if you asked my students and coworkers.

Of course, when I repeated this ritual the next Monday, I had lost another pound and was solidly inside my normal BMI range. So I told a few people…and I started making plans. But I still didn’t trust it.

Today, when I stepped on the scale for a third week in a row and saw that yes, I lost weight again and yes, I’m still in the normal weight range. In fact, I managed to just slide in under my original goal weight (which I’ve now lowered, por su puesto). So I finally admitted that this must be real, and solidified my plans to take this Friday off.

I mean, how else does one celebrate losing weight? Not with cake and alcohol, which is the way I tend to celebrate every other achievement, that’s for sure. And I don’t have $500 to spend on a spa day for myself – which would also require a day off – so here’s the deal:

This Friday, I’ll sleep in. Then at 9:30, I’ll take the tiny white dog to the vet to get her shots. Then I’ll go to the eye doctor at 11:30 to order new sunglasses with my insurance benefits (helloooooo, no money out of pocket), and I’ll grab a salad at Whole Foods or Central Market for lunch. Then I’ll indulge in a few hours of consignment/thrift store shopping. And there’s still the possibility that I will, in fact, hit up a happy hour for some lettuce wraps and a drink, if I happen to run into someone I know…possibly on purpose. And that will be my day.

If anyone wants to partake in these festivities, particularly the shopping or dining ones, and you’re in the DFdubs, shoot me a message. But really, I’m thrilled to bask in a me day, even if I’m not entirely comfortable with being proud of myself just yet. At least I can let myself enjoy a little used-retail therapy.


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