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Sometimes, you just need to remember why.

Folks, it’s been a rough few days for me.

There was, of course, the tragedy in Newtown that’s still at the front of everyone’s brains. There’s the weekend that I needed to be a “me” weekend and turned into yet another rushing-around weekend. And then there was today. Which I honestly cannot say much about, as it’s confidential, but it’s one of those things that you never grow accustomed to as a teacher.

And for about an hour this evening, it felt like so much. Not too much, mind you. Just…so, so much.

So many stresses, grown up concerns, and realities.

I desperately need a break that I won’t get until maybe Thursday afternoon, but then as I was scrounging around Pinterest, I happened to fly by my boards page and decided to take a closer look at what I had already pinned, looking for inspiration for our winter game that I just couldn’t seem to get right.

Then I stumbled across this guy:


Wait, no, not that one…though I do enjoy a good e-card…and it is true, after all…but let’s see…ah, here it is!

This one.


We need to remember that from everything that happens, there is a lesson to be learned. Just like how, in everything that must be done, there is an element of fun. I tell my students both these things all the time, and I really need to heed my own words.

Or, as I’m crap at taking my own advice, perhaps I should heed the President’s. Last night, he gave a remarkable speech. Truly. I mean, I’m a long-time fan, and even I was impressed. One thing that he said stuck with me:

“There’s only one thing we can be sure of, and that is the love that we have – for our children, for our families, for each other.”

He’s right – that’s what we have. Each other, and the support that we can offer to and accept from our loved ones.

So, yes, the past few days have been downright awful. And I’m not expecting them to magically look up soon, but I need to remember to appreciate the little things, take comfort in my friends, and find the bigger picture.

And as for the game for our party tomorrow? Snowman Relay. Think pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, team style, with a winter twist.

Four more days, friends. Let’s do this.



We seek to learn, and when academics do not present the answers, we look inside our own beautiful imaginations for the key.

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