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Indecisive Decision Time

I have a big decision to make, friends. Like, life changing.

I’m not buying a house, getting married, having a kid, changing jobs, or even getting another tattoo.

No, this decision is much more important than any of those.

It’s time for me to name a new blog.

I know, I know. HUGE, right?

Sarcasm is so hard to communicate in the digital age. But I try.

For those of you unfamiliar with my previous blogs, I tend to make them less random than this one and a lot more themed. Like any party you ever attended in college. Or watched other people attend, if you were less cool than me (definitely a feat, ladies and gents).

The new blog that I want to start is one of these themed pieces, and won’t even be properly started until I recover from National Novel Writing Month. Maybe in a couple of weeks, I have to dial it down for a bit. But basically, it will revolve around the idea of teaching people how to do things. Like attend the State Fair, drive, be in a wedding, make cake balls, royally screw up in front of your boss, own a dog, etc.

I think it will be delightful, but in order to create it, I have to pick an address. So far, I’m not totally in love with any of them, but here are the candidates that I’ve already stolen away…

Focus on the names if you’re planning on casting a vote, not the themes if you choose to visit. Those are easily interchangeable and honestly, I haven’t touched them yet.

I can hear the Jeopardy theme song in my head, and it is NOT HELPING make this decision. So…pretty please? Leave me a comment, shoot me a text, whatevs. I’ll take it.

Also, if there’s a how-to that you’re just DYING to write, drop me a line. I’m not the expert in everything, so it may be that you can do something that I cannot.



We seek to learn, and when academics do not present the answers, we look inside our own beautiful imaginations for the key.

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