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I’m just a girl who can’t say no…

…but not in the gross, inappropriate way that Ado Annie “cain’t.” I can tell guys no, just so long as I’ve had fewer than 10 drinks on the evening in question.


See? Not me. I’m not a hat wearer, and I don’t have a problem rejecting guys. In fact, pushing them away is one of my strong suits.

No, my issues are of a different, less Oklahoma-esque nature. I have a problem saying no to boring things, to obligations and favors, to responsibilities.

In fact, if you called me up on a random Tuesday and asked me if I could babysit your 3 year-old child for a couple of weeks while you go to Cabo, I would probably say yes, and then request payment in alcohol and massage gift certificates.

Please don’t do that, by the way. I really don’t have time to watch your kid, because I’m busy doing three times the amount of work that almost anyone I know does. And if you leave a preschooler with me for that amount of time, there’s a good chance they’ll come back to you knowing how to read, but also how to make a margarita.

And it’s my own fault I’m this busy, which is the worst part. I applied for my job, I begged for the yearbook assignment, I agreed to write curriculum, I chose to design the yearbook cover myself, I started all 8 blogs I work on (4 right now), I’m the one who decides to do NaNoWriMo each year, and I’m the one RSVP-ing yes to every wedding I get invited to within the continental US.

So I have no one to blame but myself for the way my life is, and until I make a change, everything will stay the same.

Normally, I’m not a huge fan of change, so that’s okay. But today? Today I made new strides.

A few weeks ago, I made a commitment to help out with staff development this morning, and I did. I trained fellow teachers in how to Recognize, Accommodate, and Progress our LEP students. Yes, I taught them how to RAP.

And now you know that I really AM a lame middle school teacher. If that sad education pun didn’t convince you, nothing will.

But anyway, I know that you’re thinking, “how is that making progress on saying no?”

It’s not. It’s what happened after 11am that’s progress. On staff development days, we get to go out to lunch. And the way we act about it, you’d think we were getting to open Christmas presents months early, or something. But when the nice ladies at my training asked me to lunch, I said no.

Then, when I got home and had a nice, relaxing lunch on my own, I reviewed the information for my interview this evening. I looked over the schedule for the proposed start dates of the tiny, part-time job, the projected dates they would need me in the spring semester, and I made a decision.

I opened my email, I typed out a very polite response, and basically said, “No, thank you,” to the interview. So I won’t be driving to Fort Worth tonight. Or multiple times over the next few months to earn a piddlesome amount of cash for my effort.

And then, I decided that since I had already missed the first half of whatever the 8th grade English teachers were supposed to be learning today, I might as well go ahead and take a half day. Because I’m so busy that I haven’t been able to shop for clothes that fit me.

So I did. I told them, “No, I won’t be attending your training after all.” Not actually, just, you know, by putting in for a half day.

Still counts.

So all in all, I said “no” 3 times today – and all before noon. Holy crap. My therapist would be so proud!

I feel like I’m a little high, from just saying no. Isn’t that the opposite of what’s supposed to happen?

I don’t care, this is awesome. I’m going shopping. Then maybe I’ll paint some happy little trees in honor of today’s Bob Ross Google doodle.

Catch you guys later. Or not. Whatever. I do what I want!



We seek to learn, and when academics do not present the answers, we look inside our own beautiful imaginations for the key.

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