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Sunday Serenade #28: LMFAO’s finest (aka almost every song they’ve done)

I love LMFAO. They are the smartest guys in show-biz. I’ve said this before. On at least one other blog. But I love them so much that I’m doing it again. Even though they haven’t released anything new as of late. So enjoy party-rocking out with me this Sunday.

This first one is for those of us that missed church this AM.

But maybe let’s not mention it to the church elders, ok? If you didn’t quite get it…go watch From Dusk Til Dawn…one of George Clooney’s lesser films. And if you watch that film plus the rest of these music videos at some point, you’re probably going to have to go to confession. Fair warning.

If you watch that video enough (which I obviously have) you get past all the wiggling and see the smarty pants references they included. I’ve found 5 jokes in there that you pretty much have to have gone through college to completely get.

Now, that song will always have a special place in my heart as the first song one of my sixth graders ever tried to inappropriately diagram. My reason for making the kid choose another song? It’s all nouns. Not fair.

Ah, yes. The song that took them from a “popular” dance group to immediate smash celebrities. And it should have. HI-larious. “I ain’t got time for your demo, homie…”

Have a fantastic Halloween week, friends. And hopefully, the East coast is only going to get a fright from Sandy…nothing more.



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