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Mirror, mirror

Yesterday, as I was pondering what to do with all of my empty cardboard boxes, my dad asked me, “Do you know anyone that’s moving?”

“Not here,” was my direct reply.

And that’s true. But what I left out was that yes, I know people who are moving. In fact, a friend of mine is moving this week, but instead of just hopping a couple of blocks, she and the hubs are hopping a couple of states. Add to that the fact that one of my two best friends just moved from our college town to NYC, and it’s starting to really set in that my friends and I still have similar lives.

And it’s not just the places we’re at in our lives. Looking at my friends sometimes feels like looking in a mirror. A strange mirror, but a mirror nonetheless.


Not like that one. That one’s normal. In my friend mirrors, I can see my own qualities and problems reflected in them.

There are about a billion quotes out there about how to tell who a person really is. I feel that this is because no one is ever really certain if they truly know a person or not. But still, some individuals feel that they’ve found the answer.

“The eyes are the window to the soul.”
“Character is doing what’s right when nobody’s looking.”
“Never trust anyone who doesn’t like dogs.”
but my personal favorite is…(drumroll please)…
“Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.”

Your friends define who you are. So be careful.

When I meet someone who happens to be friends with someone I despise, I make a snap judgement. What’s that judgement? That I will not: repeat: WILL NOT like them. And usually, I’m right.

The exception to the rule, of course, is the person who told me, “You have the weirdest friends.”

This is true. My friends are weird, but then, so am I. Don’t believe me? Okay.

  • One of my best friends likes penguins, a like that I’m quite happy to blow out of proportion at every chance.
  • My ex-roomie and other bestie hates Copperplate Bold, which is why I spent a lot of time trying to sneak it into my design work my senior year.
  • My freshman suitemate and third-closest college friend loves to send snail mail – that’s why we kept in touch so well.
  • My oldest friend has a thing about feet…keeping them clean, or whatever. It’s weird. I don’t get it. But it’s her.
  • Another old friend does improv…that’s weird enough on its own, right?

Add to that the fact that they’re all smart. I’ve had less-than intelligent friends before, but they never last very long. I have no patience for them and I get bored.

Are you satisfied that my friends are strange? I can go on…these aren’t even the weirdest things. Just the ones I won’t get murdered for mentioning on my blog.

Of course, there are also those friends that it’s hard to see the connection with…especially people who I met at work. For the past couple of years, my 8th graders come to me and say, “Miss, are you SURE you’re friends with my history teacher? Because you’re both nice, but you’re kinda….opposite.”

And I laugh. It’s true. I’m not exactly like any of my friends. But there are essential similar qualities. In the case of my work mom, we both care deeply about our students, what we’re teaching, and the connections that we build with people.

But it’s different for each friend. Each one of my friends holds a small piece of me.

Some of them hold a love of reading.
Some hold a need for acceptance.
And some even hold my passion for creativity.

Which is why I see each of my friends as a mirror. A slightly different colored or shaped mirror, but a mirror nonetheless. Put them all together, and you’ll get a true picture of my personality.

After many, many years, I can honestly say that I like what I see, no matter which mirror I’m looking into.



We seek to learn, and when academics do not present the answers, we look inside our own beautiful imaginations for the key.

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