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Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

Dear lovely friends and readers,

Life is a gift.

It’s also a bitch.

And while I love my life (most days), sometimes it gets in the way of me doing what I want to do…and sometimes that’s because there’s just TOO MUCH that I want to do.

This will be the case for the next couple of weeks.

I’m about to jet off to a wedding for the weekend, then I start back at school (as a teacher, for those of you who think I sound like a high schooler), then I have a fairly important interview, then I *hopefully* close on a house (fingers crossed), then the kids come back to school, and then I move.

Somewhere in there, I also have to be a good friend and pet owner. Otherwise, they start to fight each other for my attention. See below.

Skeeter does not like to be left out, as we can tell. That’s why I have to be an awesome pet owner, and if there’s time, friend.

Okay, a decent friend and pet owner. I’m a realist.

So, if I only do my Sunday Serenades for the next couple of weeks, apologies. I’ll do my best to get on and at least post some mildly amusing things to keep you all entertained, but I make no promises.

I also make no omelets. I lost that ability this summer, for some reason. It is NOT like riding a bike.

Love love.

And also, helloooooo St. Louis in a couple of hours.




We seek to learn, and when academics do not present the answers, we look inside our own beautiful imaginations for the key.

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