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Sunday Serenade #16: Want U Back

I have to be honest – there’s absolutely nothing worthwhile about this song.

But I love it anyway.

The truth is, this girl didn’t even win whatever singing competition she was on in the UK, but she managed to get a record deal anyway.


I can only imagine it’s because underneath all these ridiculous lyrics and poppy beats, she actually has a pretty decent brain. I mean, why else would she make separate music videos for her different releases?

I wish I could say that I prefer the UK version, but I don’t. I prefer the US version, where she’s a little sluttier looking. I feel that it’s more appropriate, since this song is about breaking up with a boy and then being pissed off that he’s happy without you. Delightful.

But feel free to judge for yourselves, ladies and gents. The UK version’s first, since it was released first, followed by the US. Unlike most Olympic finishes so far this year…




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