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The Secrets We Keep

Credit to Inubleachanimefan on Flickr, because it’s due. 🙂

Everyone has secrets. You can’t argue with me on that.

My personal opinion, and one that you may argue with me about, is that most people have a similar amount of secret.

Perhaps no one has more than Frank Warren…but he’s a special case, eh? Same goes for undercover agents and mistresses to high-profile people.

But your normal, average, every day Joe? That guy probably has about as many secrets as I do.

And even if I have a few more than average, or you have a few less…we keep these secrets for the same reason.

To protect.

Some secrets protect our friends.
Some secrets protect our families.
Some secrets protect our community.

But most of them? Most secrets protect US.

Or, at least, we think that they do.

But what if the best way to protect – and help – ourselves is to share those secrets with someone worthy of our trust?

Those of you familiar with Post Secret are also familiar with the idea that our secrets, when shared, can be a catalyst for change both in you and in others who identify with your revelation.

I’m not here to tell you that your secrets are getting in the way of having a huge personal break through.

I’m also not here to tell you that secrets make you fat. That’s my friend Leslie’s job. (5 years later, and that memory still makes me giggle.)

What I am here to say is that sometimes, we’re lucky enough to find someone (or some people) who can make those secrets more bearable. Someone who can take your secret, make you feel like it’s normal, still love you despite the mess, and then keep it for you – safe in their pocket.

When you’re a kid, the idea of sharing secrets just means being a gossip. And for many – if not most – people, that’s what it remains their entire life. But I want to ask you to consider a new definition.

Sharing secrets: verb. To entrust an individual with your secret and to keep safe one or more of theirs, as a symbol of mutual respect and faith in humanity.

There is something priceless about a friendship wherein there is enough trust and value in existence to feel not a smidge of temptation to share their secret nor a twinge of fear that your own will escape through their lips. Truly, to trust another with your private worries and to willingly open yourself to theirs? In my opinion, it is the very height of friendship.

I feel that I should point out that you have to be careful who you choose to let down that guard and share your secrets with – even your most loved and trusted friends may not be the right people. That doesn’t make them any less valuable – just not right for the job! I mean, I’m a great friend, teacher, and person in general, but you really don’t want me flying your airplane. I don’t meet the qualifications. It has to be just the right…formula to work properly. And I don’t know what that is, don’t bother to ask. You’ll know when you know.

What brought this post on, you ask?

Sorry, can’t tell you – it’s a secret. 🙂



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