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Sunday Serenade #13: Save Me.

Aimee Mann, like many artists I love, has been a musician longer than I’ve been alive.

That doesn’t stop me from loving her, though. I even follow her on Twitter.

I may not exactly appreciate her work with Til Tuesday in the early 80s, but I’m glad that it got her into mainstream music. I’m also glad that I was trying to be a badass in middle school when I watched Magnolia (because OMG, it was rated R and I TOTALLY wasn’t allowed to watch rated R movies yet), as it led me to discover her musical genius.

I spent most of high school with her albums as the soundtrack to my life…with a little more hardcore teenage angst and the requisite horrible pop songs thrown in there, too. Now I hear that she’s releasing a new album – and it inspired me to revisit all her old ones, meaning that I’ve been listening to nothing but her (and a little dance music to mix it up) for the past 48 hours.

The challenge with posting a video by Aimee Mann is that she hasn’t made that many. I would have LOVED to post ‘Driving Sideways’ because it’s in my top 10 favorite songs ever…but I wanted one with a video. So after a little debate, I decided to be slightly tacky and use the one that made me fall in love with her music in the first place…even though it’s from the Magnolia soundtrack/movie.

Sorry if you have problems with independent female singers. Or if it’s just not your speed. But I love it.

Also, there’s this delightful clip from Portlandia with her in it…if you like Portlandia’s humor and know a little bit about her.



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