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The Life Poetic.

<Pit stop on the road trip of self discovery, because it’s required to stretch your legs at intervals…>

My favorite unit to do with my students each year is poetry, because they can grasp it.

Plus, we get to listen to music and watch music videos under the guise of learning. So fun.

But anyway, I always tell them that poetry is one of the purest forms of expression in the world and that it’s a real shame that it isn’t valued in society anymore, outside of Billboard’s Top 100. And I mean that. Why isn’t it as celebrated as it once was? Why do we only study poets from back in the day? Why aren’t we acknowledging this gem of literature? Anyone know?

Oh, right. It’s almost impossible to measure with standardized testing…because poetry is anything BUT standardized. And if it’s not on the test, then it’s not important.

I disagree with this philosophy, clearly. I’d much rather teach my eighth graders about Pablo Neruda’s beautiful, flowing words than Tom Sawyer’s hick dialect.

So yesterday, when I received a little package in the mail, I got really excited. Like, really excited. Even if the face below only looks mildly amused, I assure you – my immediate reaction was “OMG, it’s here!”

Inside was a copy of a book called Love Poems on Bar Napkins by a once-colleague and always-friend, one Mr. JPS. Which is so cool – not only because he’s a published author (holla!) but because the work he published is poetry, rather than some fan-fiction or Harry Potter knockoff.

Also because said poems are actually pretty legit.

I encourage you all to support poets in your own way. Or, if you don’t know what way your way is, you can always support them in my way and buy my friend’s book. Just a suggestion. 🙂



We seek to learn, and when academics do not present the answers, we look inside our own beautiful imaginations for the key.

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