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Sunday Serenade #9: Dad-music

In honor of Father’s Day, because SNL hasn’t come out with an awesome Timberlake-starring role to honor this holiday, I’ve decided to impart to you some of the musical wisdom that my dad gave me growing up.

It is the one pop culture gift he gave me…along with a few nerd curses. But luckily, he had excellent taste in music. So, I have him to thank for the fact that I adore the Beatles, that I can quote the Stones at will, and that I know not to eat yellow snow.

But nobody’s perfect, so I also included one of the only “Western” songs that I ever learned to tolerate through years of riding to school under its torture. In retrospect, perhaps he was just trying to make me excited about getting out of the car and going into school. If that was the goal, it worked.

So enjoy (and then cringe at) a few of the musical artistes that my father introduced me to before I hit double-digits. Henceforth shaping the respectable part of my musical taste and delaying the inevitable desire for poppy nonsense that I still tend to enjoy on a weekend night.

Fair warning – the first one is quite long, but it’s the Beatles…so…they deserve it.

Still one of the greatest bands of all time.

This song taught me to appreciate drum solos long before my sister picked up the kit.

There were SO MANY I could have chosen from for this next one…I went with one that included a movie I have my dad to thank for loving, as well.

Sorry about this one. It gets in your head and never leaves…much like annoying advice/movie trivia I learned from my dad.

Happy Father’s Day!



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