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Sunday Serenade #3: Clothes Off!

Author’s Note: I’m going to be honest: I wrote this a week early because I knew that I would be too busy CoMo-ing it up to write one this weekend. So, please forgive me if for some reason something’s out of date. All I did today was hit publish. 🙂

I’ll be honest: I had a REALLY hard time picking which song I wanted to feature today. I knew that, in honor of my return to Columbia, it had to be either from Fall Out Boy, Gym Class, Ben Folds, or Hot Hot Heat due to the fact that I saw all of them in concert at some point during my college years.

So I asked myself, “Which one of these artists was most popular when I was in college?”

With the masses, it was clearly Gym Class. I mean, Cupid’s Chokehold kind of blew up, and even though Fall Out Boy was fun…their star was fading and Gym Class’s power was growing.

Then I asked, “Which of their songs truly captures the spirit of living in the dorms?”

And I came up with this one.

Yep. Sorry folks, but you know it’s true. At least in the coed dorm I lived in… BTW – see if you can spot Pete Wentz dropping in on their music video. I think it’s cute that all the guys represented by Fueled by Ramen helped each other out.

I’m a huge fan of all their work as a band, and I even spent St. Patrick’s Day of my sophomore year in Lawrence, Kansas (home of those ridiculous Jayhawks) to see their show. It was delightful, except for when my friend almost punched a drunk leprechaun…except that would have been pretty awesome, actually. So it was all delightful, apparently.

One of the other reasons that I love this song is that it’s a remake of an eighties classic by Jermaine Stewart. Remakes – good ones – make my heart happy. And Travie and the boys did an excellent job with this particular remake. I mean, not only did they pay homage to this fab song, they also improved its lyrics by omitting one teeny, tiny word.

Let’s play like we’re reading Highlights and see if you can spot what’s different in the lyrics.

We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off – Jermaine Stewart

You’re welcome. For both.



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