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Following Through

This week, I’ve been stopping and starting a whole lot of different blogs. I have, like, 6 different drafts that I half-finished and thought, “Eh, I’ll finish that later.

Because I can. None of them are pressing.

But in glancing through today, I noticed this one, that I started like a month ago and never finished. It IS pressing. And I thought, “CRAP! I need to get on this before it ends! So, like, now!”

And I rewrote most of what I had. Below is the finished project.

I’m crap at following through on things sometimes.

No one would tell you this with more enthusiasm than my former tennis coaches. I was an eeeexcellent tennis player, except that sometimes I just wanted to be DONE with this game already. And I’d start just popping my shots instead of finishing the swings. This is when I would here from the stands: “ERIN! FOLLOW THROUGH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

Thanks to roberthuffstutter for using Creative Commons liscensing with this sweet vintage photo of a woman ACTUALLY following through.

I was a teenager, so of course I just rolled my eyes and did whatever the fuck I wanted to…which in most cases was keep popping them up, slicing them close into the corners…I still won, mind you, but not the way they wanted me to, in most cases. And I’d pay for it in practice the next week. But I didn’t really care. At the time, I didn’t want to follow through, so I didn’t.

It’s a real problem for me, even now.

Not in my professional or academic lives, mind you. I always finish grading, creating a lesson plan, or teaching the full day. I stay at the school after hours, just to make sure that I can follow through. So it’s not a working-life issue.

Just in my personal and creative lives do I suffer from I’ll-finish-when-the-muse-strikes-again-ia. It’s why I have several blogs I never finished. It’s why I have a shelf full of books with places marked 1/3, 1/2, or even 4/5 of the way through that I still haven’t gotten around to completing. It’s why I have unfinished crafting projects propped up around my house (including the one I recently blogged about).

It doesn’t make me feel bad about myself, surprisingly, because I know that I’m capable of it…if I want to do it. But it does make me truly appreciate when people dedicate themselves to a project and ACTUALLY FOLLOW THROUGH.

This year (this month, actually, really soon) one of the most dedicated bloggers out there is going to follow through on the premise of his blog. You may have even seen his books…they’re quite popular.

I’m talking about a little blog called 1000 Awesome Things.

Oh, you’ve heard of it? Thought so. And if you haven’t, for the love of GOD, please do visit it now before it’s finished.

This month, its ridiculously dedicated author will hit #1000. I feel a kinship with him, because I, too, start my lists of favorites from the bottom up. It’s harder than it looks, because what if you forget something that should be lower, or remember something that should be totally high when you’re close to the end? Anyways, this baller has, like, 600+ entries on my longest blog to date, so he’s a blogging superstar in my mind.

As has been established, I get ancy and tend not to follow through when things take a while. I can’t imagine actually seeing a personal project that’s that long term all the way through.

Plus, I mean, the premise is just fabulous. Who DOESN’T like to read about awesome things? I tried a similar premise last year, but I don’t have trouble admitting that this one’s cooler.

If you’ve never heard of this glorious project, then I’ll give you a short list of some of my favorites (not all-inclusive, mind you, I’ll probably leave out some pretty important ones without realizing it).
Most recently, I enjoyed Driving Through Your Childhood Neighborhood,
Getting that Word you ALWAYS Spell Wrong Right,
the Smell of a Library,
Getting Hand-written Mail,
and, in honor of my life last year, Getting Called First to the Wedding Buffet. 

A tip of the hat to him, because I know how hard it can be to stick with a theme on a blog – whether it’s a time-related theme or an event-related one. Yeah, I finished the two I linked up to, but I have several others that I’m NOT willing to link to that have crashed and burned.

I encourage you to head over, maybe leave a comment of inspiration, or just watch this fabulous project wind down. Because guess what? I think the blog itself is a pretty awesome thing.



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