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A Good Year for Friendship

After reviewing my recent blog posts, I noticed that my deeper topics haven’t been very sunshine and flowers. I mean, they’re not sad and dark and emo, but they’re also not about loving life. And I heartily believe that you don’t have to be sad or depressed to be deep – that’s a teenage thought. You can be just as deep about happier things.

So I decided to go for a little levity on this one. You know, lighten the mood a bit after my expiration date post. Plus, I kind of found a segway…as much as you can segway in a blog. Yesterday, I wrote:

We wanted the good parts without the bad, only we didn’t realize that there were no good parts left, only parts that make us want to drink a lot.

Sounds depressing, but the more I thought about it, the more I saw another metaphor. One that made my aforementioned statement more positive than an endorsement for alcoholism.

Yes. Bad friends/partners/habits are stale Triscuits. They have expiration dates and staleness to worry over.

But good friends?  Good friends are wines. A finer vintage over time, so long as you care for it properly and pair it with the right entree.

Good wines come in a variety of vintages, grape origins, and flavors. In my life, the best year for friendship is definitely 2009. Most of my collection is from the Missouri area, with both local and imported breeds of grapes. But I also have a small collection of nice Texas-grown wines from as early as 2002. Some are rich and deep while others light and bubbly. It’s important to know just which wine to use for each occasion.

Wines are better with age. I haven’t always believed that old friends are better friends. And, if you’ll notice, I often decide that I need to take a step back, or go on a break. But I always come back when they’re worth it. Tonight, I listed my oldest, most reliable friend as a reference and had to put that I’d known her for 10 years. Blew me away. And our friendship gets richer each year.

Red wine has beneficial properties for your heart. Friends who truly love you and who you love back make your heart stronger. They fortify it with their…tannins? Okay, so obviously I know very little about the legit health benefits of red wine, but I do know that it’s most effective when rationed out over time, not binged on. And that’s true for friends, too. It’s about consistency, not one night of clubbing once a month.

Wine can make problems – little and big – seem easier to bear. It’s always easier to deal with whatever nonsense is going on in your life when you know someone has your back. The future can be scary, but with a friend by your side, at least you know you don’t have to go it alone, and that’s far more potent than any liquid comfort.

Wine doesn’t have to be expensive to be delicious. Sometimes I find that the most rewarding friendships aren’t the ones that I spend hours going to movies or dinners or plays with – it’s the ones that develop over random late-night drives or pedicure/Grey’s Anatomy nights. If you’re truly friends, you can have just as much fun hanging at one of your houses as you can going out on the town, because you don’t need to be entertained to have a good time in their company.

And, finally: Wine needs to be handled with care. This one is more of a reminder for us all. If you want the best results from your wine, you have to remember not to put it in too much heat, to keep it dusted off, and only expose it to the good vibrations – not the bad. If you’re not careful, you can let a good bottle (or friend) go sour from inattention and misuse. Be just as good to them as they are to you.

In the end, I’m happy to say that I have a fabulous collection of friends, even if my actual wine comes from Aldi. Enjoy my end-image, I have one of these bottles.



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One thought on “A Good Year for Friendship

  1. I feel like we should have discussed this before, but my favorite wine is also from Aldi (the cheapest one: Winking Owl). It satisfies my love for cute creatures on my wine bottles too.

    You know I appreciate a good analogy and I love this one too. You’re a fine wine, friend. A fine one indeed. And unlike wines, I know a good friend when I have one 🙂

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